Why Architects Don’t Get the Money They Deserve

Join this special discussion panel about the business of architecture with Steven Burns, FAIA, and Warwick Mihaly, Principal & Author, on 30 July, 2020 at 1PM AEST.

Here is an unfortunate truth: architecture schools are notoriously bad at teaching students about the business of architecture. By ignoring these essential skills, it is assumed that young architects will learn about business after graduation when they are finally working in the industry.

Most firms have neither the interest nor the acumen to train their staff to have a business-thinking mindset. These two factors conspire against architects leaving them incapable and uninterested in developing their practice into a powerful and profitable business.

To investigate further on the matter, BQE’s Australian office is organising a panel discussion on the 30th of July, 2020, at 1pm AEST. Click here to register and save your spot right now.

This session will help architects understand:

WHY changes need to be made in your practice in order to reap financial rewards
WHAT is really important in order to create a thriving and sustainable firm
HOW your firm can implement processes that provide structure and discipline while increasing value and profits.
Bringing to the table a wealth of practical experience, the host, Steven Burns, Co-Founder of Burns + Beyerl Architects (Chicago, USA), and Chief Creative Officer of BQE Software, will be joined by Warwick Mihaly, Principal/Founder at Mihaly Slocombe Architects (Melbourne, VIC) and Author at Panfilo.co blog.


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