Webcast: New U.S. Export Controls on Military End Use and End Users in China


Learn about the April 28, 2020 action by the U.S. Government and how it can affect your company even if you do not directly deal in the military sector.

– What is new about this rule and what is the U.S. Government objective?
– What is the scope of the rule?
– What is a military end use?
– What is a military end user?
– How do the recent FAQs provide clarity?
– What are the penalties for violating the rule?
– What does my company need to do to avoid penalties and business disruption?
– What are the ramifications of the June 24 Dept. of Defense decision to name 20 Chinese entities as affiliated or controlled by the PRC military?

Hear from our lawyers in Washington, D.C. and Beijing on these developments and what we can expect in the future. The discussion was held in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

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