Web++ launched award winning food delivery platform “Express-menu” for 40M users

Web++ launched the food delivery platform “Express-menu” on Moscow and St. Petersburg markets with 40M people. The main focus was to deliver ready-made high quality just in 30 minutes. Great teams of professionals were involved in that project; Web++ was responsible for principle technical subjects and brought Developers and QA-Engineers who developed the core of the platform, integrational modules, responsive web-application, REST-API for all mobile apps.

Our QA-Engineers and DevOps set up automation pipelines and end-to-end test-coverage.

That is the project that we most proud of, where we could implement the best practices in management, programming, QA, and DevOps. And it took multiple awards as a market-changing food-delivery project.

For now, the project is on the solid rails of growth. We at Web++ keep supporting it on its way.


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