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Phyllis Lasser wrote the poems included in this video in 1984, inspired first by a photograph taken with a box camera in the early1900s. Realizing memories are fluid, Phyllis wrote the first poem I Still Love Old fellows to solidify her thoughts and feelings about her grandfather. From the point of touching pen to page, Phyllis wrote nonstop for six months and produced these poems, musings on the existential and intangible. Her words haunt and inspire; they connect our bodies to place and our souls to the universe.

Robin began the photographic series included in this compendium while in Osaka, Japan, in fall of 2019, for an exhibition titled Signaling Water:Multi-Species Migration and Displacement. During the typhoon, she photographed the sacred river, Sumiyoshi, that flows to the water temple in Osaka. When Robin returned from Osaka, she continued the rain imagery in the tidal zones of La Jolla, where she grew up. Her work explores the relationship between nature, art, and spirituality by documenting the moment when rain ripples across another body of water. The imagery, when mirrored, resembles the patterns we see utilized in art and architecture, throughout time and around the world. While visiting her mother, the two rediscovered these poems, which Phyllis wrote at nearly the same age as Robin is now. The two artists, mother and daughter, bonded over the shared sentiments of their work, produced at the same age in different eras, and decided to collaborate at last.


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