WAVING LED RIBBON / Opening For The Brighter Future

■Opening For The Brighter Future

Since last year, we have continued the development of the “WAVING LED RIBBON” in preparation for various upcoming international festivals in Japan. However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, postponement and cancellation of events were unavoidable. In the absence of clients and no events to unveil our new product, we believed that times like this is when entertainment is needed, and we carried out a performance in an empty indoor ballpark at Komazawa Olympic Park. This performance is performed by the Color Guard Performance Team “Via Colorguard”, which also suspended its activities due to the coronavirus. We aimed for a performance where the trajectory of the LED, condensed with Japanese technology and delicate expressions, shines a bright light on our future. Better days will return.


“WAVING LED RIBBON” is a next-generation sports entertainment item that enables organic rippling LED light to draw lines in the air. Throwing the LEDs into the air and rotating them without breaking it was considered difficult from the perspective of durability and operability. However, in addition to the unique hardware and software that enables wireless synchronization of multiple devices, the development of a unique mechanism that allows the connection part to rotate infinitely has made possible the fantastic performance even making it look like computer graphics. We plan to expand the range of use in various stage productions including sporting and music events.


Director : Minoru Fujimoto, SHIRASU
Music : Makoto Shozu(FLIGHTGRAF), SunaoSystem
Choreographer : Tomoya Tsunashima(Via Colorguard)
Performer : Via Colorguard(Haruka, Chikara, Hitomi, Rihona, Akari, Percy, Nao, Kae, Hiyori, Honoka, Konami, Miyu, Sumika, Tomoya, Risako, Chisato, Maiko, Karin, Minami, Ayame)
Lighting Effects Designer : SHIRASU
Hardware Design : Yutaka Yanagisawa
Software Design : Keisuke Ono
Casing Design : Takehito Nakatsu(MERGETECTS)
Props Design : Nana Fumiki
Lighting : Masaki Morii
Camera : dox Inc, Tatsuhiko Suzuki, Yuta Togame, Takaya Mitsunaga
Editor : Tatsuhiko suzuki
Calligraphy Title : Kawase Miyuki
Photo : Ryuichi Ono
Technical Staff : Nana Fumiki, Hinano Hasegawa, Ryo Terada, SUZUMI, Shuto Murai, Sayaka Michido
CW & PR & Promotion : HYTEK(Takaya Mitsunaga, Honmaru Michido)

Location : Komazawa Olympic Park


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