United News 1945 Issue 157

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Aircraft carrier is named for President Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt, General Marshall, Admiral King, and Bernard Baruch witness the launching of the USS Franklin D Roosevelt. Eleanor speaks.

Allies capture two major Nazi war criminals Arthur Von Seyss-Inquart and Admiral Doenitz,

B-29 and b-24 bombers of the U.S. 8th Air Force land in the U.S. for a 30-day furlough on the way to the war against Japan.

President Truman presents the Congressional Medal of Honor to Sgt. Jake W. Lindsey before a joint session of Congress.

French traitors that collaborated with the Germans are tried and shot by a firing squad.

Tank and artillery fire and planes are used to drive Japanese snipers out of a valley near Baguio on Luzon Island.

On Okinawa flame throwing tanks attack Japanese positions. General Geiger observes U.S. Troops fighting their way into Naha.


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