Tuck Everlasting book

«Tuck Everlasting»

text by Natalie Babbitt
illustrations, art direction by Polina bakhtina
Pink Giraffe Publishing House / Moscow / 2013

I made this illustrations for the book «Tuck Everlasting» by Natalie Babbitt a few years ago and I still appreciate this work.
My idea for the book was to work primarily with time. And its absence, as in the immortal Tucks.In a book, like in a theater, we always direct history in space and time.. Book illustration as a freeze frame, where there is visual dramaturgy before it and after.

In the «Tuck Everlasting» time is multi-layered. One family is immortal and lives out of time. Other people are fleeting in earthly incarnation, their lives are like flashes.

I made several visual layers. The first is the illustrations lake b/w photos of the main story.
The second, pencil sketches, with herbarium on pages is the diary of a girl Winnie. It’s her memories. And the third is a animation that you can see if you leaf through a book fast.


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