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Travel Things is a London based museum of travel, showcasing curiosities of everyday living, containing thousands of everyday objects, treasures, modern art, design & traditional crafts as they exist in every corner of the world. The philosophy of Our collection – Thats everything is art and to show the astonishing richness and cultural diversity of our world today.

This is our museum’s new series that takes you inside of the Museum of Travel Things and shows you the beauty of everyday life across the globe.

Featuring Objects:
• Ivatan Vakul headdress- Chavayan, Sabtang, Batanes Island, Philippines.
• Handmade LATANYÉ broom – Castries Market, St Lucia.
• Traditional Japanese Wagasa paper umbrella- near Fukuoka Castle, Japan.
• Batik, the Traditional Fabric of Indonesia – Bali, Indonesia.
• Jordan Bedouin Costume doll – Petra, Jordan.
• Lukang Wu Tun-Hou paper lanterns – Lukang City, Taiwan.
• Laksmana facemasks – Bali, Indonesia.
• Bulgarian straw brooms – near Rila National Park, Bulgaria.
• Esparto halfah grass brush – Casa Hernanz, Madrid, Spain‬.
• The Basotho hat and Basotho traditional wool blanket: Seanamarena – Teyateyaneng, Lesotho.
• Chinese silk Lotus shoes, Leather Shoes for Lotus Feet and People‘s Liberation Army Sneakers (Canvas) – Panjiayuan, Beijing, China.
• A set of porcelain and white glaze condiment jars pottery from Hakka Blue – Dihua street, Taipei, Taiwan.
• A set of Thanaka Grinder and Bark sunscreen and skincare – Keng Tung, Myanmar.
• Nigeria Handgrip gourd kalimba musical instrument – Aba, Nigeria.
• Victorian Antique Bamboo Shooting stick – Newbury, England.

Travel Things Museum Presented
Director: Blair (Penshan Chang)
Camera Operator & Editor: Blair (Penshan Chang)
Associate Producer: Irene cheng
Museum Curator: Jill Tsai
Music: Opening night, Stanley D Foster, West one music

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