“Nourishing, nurturing & restorative. Suze will have you feeling grounded and connected, both to yourself and your babe. She gets the balance just right between, energizing and relaxing, & spiritual and functional. I really couldn’t recommend her mums n bubs classes more wholeheartedly.

My eldest was born with hearing loss and in times when everything felt abnormal, surreal & lonely, Suze just kept us going. Every week we stretched, balanced and laughed, no matter how mich the babes enjoyed or complained through the class. Thanks Suze for making me feel connected in this motherhood journey. Your a gem”

~ J.Yuen (student and mama of two).

“Thankyou so much for your beautiful yoga classes, your time, effort and expertise is very much appreciated in these crazy times”

~ Jane (student & mama of three)

“Susanna’s mums and bubs yoga classes have been my medicine after the births of both my children. Through carefully considered movements she creates an environment of nurturing, softness and ease. I spent many a class sitting down and breastfeeding or rocking my babe to sleep in my arms, Susanna never once made me feel as though I was doing anything ‘wrong’. In fact, she gave me the confidence that I was doing it right.

In the midst of the newborn haze, Susanna consistently provided me with a space of acceptance, relaxation and a much longed for sense of being cared for. She supported me in the healing of my body and my spirit, and I’m so very grateful’.

~ Tilly (student & mama of two)

MAMA BARE YOGA offers more than just yoga. In addition to new classes added on a regular basis, Susanna is creating a community space for mothers to connect & share their journey through this new, often surreal landscape of motherhood.

These accessible post-natal yoga classes are for new mothers and their babies to enjoy anytime, in the comfort of their own homes. Focusing on re-strengthening & re-connecting mama’s body & mind, as well as enjoying bonding time with your baby through movement, song, play and touch. All levels and abilities welcome.

Your subscription not only includes this library of yoga sessions (new classes added frequently), but also lifetime access to the ‘mama bare village’, a members-only Facebook community keeping mums connected. It is a space for you to relate with other mums who are going through the same season of life; a place to vent, share, laugh, learn and cry – no gloss, no pretentiousness, just real mums going through real things.

Susanna is a registered yoga teacher specializing in postnatal yoga. Susanna has taught Mums n Bubs yoga for over 7 years in some of the most reputable studios in Melbourne. She brings to each class her passion for nurturing new mothers, along with her own light-hearted, yet raw experiences recovering from child-birth and navigating her way through mental health, & early motherhood.


** Mama Bare Yoga is suitable for mothers 6 weeks Post-Partum, however, it is IMPERATIVE that you check in with your GP first to make sure you have the ‘ok’ to participate in this program.

** Please email your Facebook details to so you can gain access to the ‘mama bare village’.

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