The Age of the Zombie: Social Distancing without Social Media Distancing


ECAH/EuroMedia2020 – Panel Presentation

Lorna Piatti-Farnell, Auckland University of Technology, New-Zealand
Donna Lee Brien, Central Queensland University, Australia

In an era of confusion and anxiety, isolation, quarantines and lockdowns, this panel will look at media and (popular) cultural responses, through digital narratives, and memes. In our blurred life online, our professional and personal lives flow into each other, time warps, and social distancing doesn’t mean social media distancing. What of questions of freedoms, of privacy, or security and of governance in a time of impending doom, real or imagined? Outside our curtains and the safety of confinement, and endless media distraction, is a world without people. Is this the age of the Zombie?

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