Sereena Furse (s3832214) SBMS Pitch

Hello! My name is Sereena and I am originally from Perth where I started my Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and Advertising. I’ve always been rather ambitious and settled for nothing but the best, which is what drove me to seize bigger and better opportunities by moving to Melbourne to study at RMIT. What really attracted me to the SBMS program is being able to have guidance from a mentor while I implement my ideas in a real-world setting. As I begin to take big steps towards my marketing career, this experience will be tremendously valuable to me. It would give me the opportunity to seek industry insights from a professional, while also growing personally as a marketer and gaining confidence in my ideas. I feel I’d be a great asset to this program as I am a very hardworking and dedicated individual, who truly strives to be the best in everything I do. I have a great passion for helping people and by using my creativity and marketing knowledge I believe I would have a lasting impact on the small business I work with and make a positive difference in these trying times.


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