Screaming Shapes (Film) – Iris Company

After screening across the country in the festival circuit, concluding with Dance Camera West in our own city of Los Angeles, we are excited to release this film online. Screaming Shapes was originally developed as a stage piece in collaboration with composer Peter S. Shin, an exploration of music and movement existing as one entity. In 2018, we turned the piece into a film, in collaboration with Amodeo Creative.

Director: Sophia Stoller 

Choreography: Sophia Stoller and the Dancers

Director of Photographer: Peter Amodeo Gould

Editors: Peter Amodeo Gould & Sophia Stoller
Performers: Bryanna Brock, Hyosun Choi, Cat Cogliandro, Casey Gonzalez, Kristen Holleyman, Amanda MacLeod, Joan H. Padeo, Shane Raiford, Jamal Wade

Composer: Peter S. Shin

Music Performance: Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra

Musicians: Mehrdad Gholami, Benjamin Mitchell, Benjamin Hoffman, Clement Chow

Costumes: Amanda MacLeod, Cody Brunelle-Potter

Production Assistants: Jessica Salans, Stacy Gaspard


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