Real Stories Episode 11: July 24


Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani looks at the week’s biggest international news with reports, investigative journalism and interviews with people at the heart of the story.
BLOCK A: 8:30
Willem Marx speaks to doctors who now think a Covid-linked inflammatory syndrome could – in rare cases – affect the brains of children. Carl Nasman reports on a study that found being even mildly obese could increase your chances of becoming very ill from the virus – with Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson heeding the warning. Helena Humphrey has an unexpected piece of good news in a pandemic: premature birth rates have dropped in several countries. Doctors are now using the window of opportunity to try and make a breakthrough into this poorly-understood area of medicine.   

BLOCK B: 10:52
Carl Nasman speaks to the United Nations climate change chief, Patricia Espinosa, about the other emergency facing the world, before we report on a new prediction that the animal that has become the symbol of the climate crisis – the polar bear – may become extinct by the end of the century. NBC’s Janis Mackey Frayer discusses recent claims members of China’s Uighur Muslim minority were being forced to make facemasks, as relations between Beijing and Washington continue to deteriorate. Finally we hear passionate arguments from both sides of the debate on reopening schools from Caroline’s Global Hangout show. 

BLOCK C: 6:57
We look at some of the innovators who are helping the world through the pandemic. First, Justin Solomon visits the Hong Kong restaurant whose playbook for reopening safely has been translated and adopted around the world – including two restaurants in New Orleans. Willem Marx speaks to scientists in Finland trying to make a Covid-19 breathalyser test. Finally Caroline unites a gamer who invented a mask that lights up when you speak with a disability rights campaigner who says it will help deaf and hard of hearing people.


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