Chants from different religions and traditions from Orient
Perspective East combines a very wide range of musical expression. Asia features different kinds of culture, which consequently leads to a diverse understanding of the role of music. Perspective East can be sounds of cosmic spheres, the natural expression of consciousness, ritual songs and music, which cure the body, calm the spirit and carry the sacred to ordinary people‘s lives.

Perspective East with music from Bali, Georgia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra, Korea, Java, Tibet, Uzbekistan and India. This kind of music has different meanings: it tells stories, cures, calms the spirits, accompanies social gatherings, entertains or serves in religious ceremonies. Above all these it brings people together in their minds, intentions, knowledge, chat“>love. Some works in the program avoid the melodies and bring sound vibrations and their partial tones, others are repetitive monotonous, some are very rich in a remarkably complex rhythmic patterns, others just – fun. Program is vocal meditation and discovering the spirit of Asian cultures in the sound.

Music: Stephen Hatfield, Sarah Hopkins, Dwight Okamura, Daisaku Ikeda, Rõ Ogur, Francis H. Baxter, Karli Kakheti, Marjan Šijanec, Victor Paranjoti, Ethan Sperry, Nino Mureškič, Karmina Šilec


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