Performance by Kinya Tsuruyama in Verdensrum, Japan: Ryōkai/Resist


Verdensrum, Japan: Ryōkai/Resist by Birgit Kjærsgaard, 2018

Performance by Kinya Tsuruyama

Venue: A trans c/o Architektur Gallerie Berlin, Satellit

Video credits Bernd Kumar

Travel notes. Kôyasan, Japan april 2012

”… The Okuno-in cemetery, Kôyasan mountain and the surrounds left a lasting impression on me. The 800-year-old, super tall cedars; the rice paper lamps, that glowed in the dark; the water tanks, we washed our hands and mouths in as we moved gradually closer to the sacred areas; and finally Kobo Daishis’ resting place behind a screen with cedars in the background and guilded lotus leaves in the foreground. Very atmospheric … The rice paper-covered sliding doors shimmered with a mysterious light that had no obvious source and no breeze to explain the shimmering. The entire scene filled me with peace – almost like a foretaste of the “Ryôkai ” that was maybe waiting…”

The performance-exhibition Landscape/Portrait is inspired by a Japanese mandala ritual practiced by the monks of the Kōyasan mountains and the characteristic Japanese landscapes associated with the ritual. Furthermore it draws on the power filled Japanese form of expressive dance – butoh – and the sound of the shakuhachi flute.

The physical arrangement of this performative work is reminiscent of the tableaux found in Japanese temples. It consists of three parallel 3D-projections, which variously alternate and play together, contrasted by butoh.


Jørgen Teller and Shinichi Watanabe: Composers
Willie Flindt: Instruction, dramaturgy
Ernst Kallesøe: Lighting Design, technical consultant
CAVI, Center of Advanced Visualization and Interaction: Digital technical consultants

Supported by: The Danish Art Foundation, The EU Japan Fest Committee, The Art Council in Aarhus, SITNI SATI, THINKBOX, CAVI, Center of Advanced Visualization and Interaction, University of Aarhus and Open Stage, Godsbanen

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