Passing Nights: Guzarti Ratein: song of sadness, of thoughtful moments, of turmoil and tranquility.


Hello Friends, this song is written by me for all beautiful and wonderful friends of the world. It is a tribute to companionship and love we have for our lovely friends and the freedom we get when we are in the company of true friends. My friends who are not conversant with Urdu / Hindi can read the English translation given in the post here.

Passing Nights: Guzarti Ratein: song of sadness, of thoughtful moments, of turmoil and tranquility. The lyrics of “Passing Nights” [Guzarti Ratein] capture moments in real life when the night was too tormenting to be over and the morning to come was full of the fear of unknown. It was written with immense sadness for the lost beloved one and conveys the anguish on how few fleeting moments could not be spent together. The lyrics were written after a real-life tragedy and hence the feelings conveyed are true and not composed. The haunting lines [lyrics] are written by Rajendra [Raj] Khare. The soulful voice belongs to young, upcoming and highly talented singer, Neha Karode, who belongs to Delhi and now works from Mumbai. The enchanting music given and arranged by Dr.Jickson of Oviya Studios in Delhi. Song recording done at Oviya Studios, Delhi. The video produced by Rajendra [Raj] Khare. Copyrights and All Rights Reserved for Rajendra [Raj] Khare.
Credits: Video Title: Passing Nights Lyrics Title: Rukne ko Kaho [रुकने को कहो]
Singer: Neha Karode
Music: Dr.Jickson [Oviya Studios] Delhi
Lyrics: Rajendra [Raj] Khare
Produced by: Rajendra Raj Khare.
Video Technical Team: AK Direction and Creative Direction for Video: Rajendra [Raj] Khare Contact: Rajendra [Raj] Khare Email:
Mobile: 0091-9810268573
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