Media Arts 100 – Introduction

Welcome to Media Arts 100! I will be your instructor for this semester, and look forward to getting to know all of you. Here is some pertinent information about me… Please also feel free to browse other areas of my YouTube Channel, which is a mixture of my own personal (often irreverent) commentaries on films and the industry in general. Yes, a lot of the site is also mixed with film clips and Japanese dubs of movies. This is because I went to high school in Japan and this channel was originally one based on nostalgia with my former classmates!

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“Kawafuchi Sensei” provides a variety of content:
— Iconoclastic movie reviews and advice for writing scripts. As a former development executive and current college instructor, I started recording movie reviews as a way to amuse my students and encourage them to do their own videos. Somehow that would up as this channel!
— Interviews with industry pros. These are a series of interviews recorded while I ran a grant for the California Community College Chancellor’s Office that provided information to students looking to break into the entertainment industry. Most of these interviews cover jobs in entertainment that aren’t generally known to those not in the industry.
— Various clips from American television documentaries, movies of the week, and other assorted tidbits that are assumed to be in public domain.
— Various clips from Japanese television, most circa 1978-1983 when I lived there. Most are scenes from American movies dubbed in Japanese. Most of these dubs are different from those found on physical media. Other videos feature the commentaries that often came before those films as well as commercials that were in the initial telecasts.
I used to have a large collection of Japanese music programs and suspense thriller movies of the week. These have been removed for now because of copyright issues.


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