MAYAK dir. Maria Saakyan – trailer


“Mayak” (“The Lighthouse”, 2006) dir. Maria Saakyan – scanned and graded by Fixafilm
“Mayak” by Maria Saakyan is an exceptional piece of work. It’s an eye-catching debut, the first feature film to be completed by a woman in Armenia, largely praised by critics worldwide. The plot follows Lena, a young woman who comes back to a war-torn, home village in Armenia, to convince her grandparents to find shelter in Moscow. The film was shot on 35mm, however, unfortunately, the negative and DI files had been lost. The print that remained was brought to Warsaw to be scanned and graded for posterity at Fixafilm. The project is curated by Daniel Bird in the framework of the Hamo Bek-Nazarov project and financially supported by Kino Klassika Foundation.

Available worldwide in the Virtual Cinema of Film at Lincoln Centre (17 July – 6 August 2020):

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