Light – Short Film


1. “Light” – Short Film by Rishi Gupta

2. Synopsis:
Every kid dreams of growing up, graduating from school and following their passion and achieving their dreams. When the time comes for the kids to leave their nest and fly away to a different place, they go through a roller-coaster of emotions, feeling happy and excited about the new adventures to follow, being sad to be separated from their school friends. But what about the ones for whom the kids never really grow up, The Parents? How do they feel at the moment?

3. Detailed Information:
– Responsible for Story, Direction, Animation, Character Modeling, Surfacing and Rigging, Environment Modeling (with help from Victor Navarro), Asset Modeling (with help from Victor Navarro, Dirce Carsi, Yung Jen Chang, Manolo Jamie Franco), Lighting and Compositing. Character Designs by Manolo Jamie Franco, and 2D Flashback Digital Painting by Elizabeth Filardi.

– Portfolio Website:

– Email –

– Not a WIA Member.

– Looking for jobs as an Animator to bring stories to life.

4. Additional Information:
– I am currently in my hometown of Kota in Rajasthan, India. I am open to relocation to a different country, but would require Visa Sponsorship for most of the countries like USA, Canada, France, Japan, etc. I am open to opportunities which include working remotely.

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