I Can What I Want


Male Line:
I CAN WATH I WANT’s father is CHACCO-BLUE by CHABERTIN 1.60m sj, he has been approved for : Hann, Old, Rhein, SF, SWB, SI, OS, Westf, MV 1.60m sj with Andreas Kreuzer (DEU) and Alois Pollman-Schweckhorst (DEU).

CHACCO-BLUE currently, as evidenced by the International Progeny Value, the Dynamic Index over last 12 months of all approved stallions occupies the fourth position, while among the older stallions offspring 15 years, min. offspring 80 horses, occupies the third position.

CHCCO-BLUE sports curriculum:
3rd CSIO5* 2011 – Grand Prix 2011 Aachen (GER) 1.60m sj.
3rd CSIO5* 2010 – Grand Prix 2010 Falsterbo (SWE) 1.60m sj.
3rd CSIO5* 2010 – Nations Cup 2010 La Baule (FRA) 1.60m sj.
7th CSI5*-W 2008 – Grand Prix 2008 Mechelen (BEL)1.60m sj
10th CSI5* 2012 – Grand Prix (Global Champions Tour) 2012 Hamburg (GER) 1.60m sj.
1st CSI3* 2012 – Neumünster (GER) 1.55m sj.
9th CSI3* 2009 – Neumünster (GER) 1.55m sj.
2nd CSI3* 2009 – Grand Prix 2009 Hachenburg (GER) 1.50m sj.
3rd CSI3* 2009 – Grand Prix 2009 Nörten-Hardenberg (GER) 1.50m sj.
3rd CSI3* 2009 – Grand Prix 2009 Balve (GER) 1.50m sj.
3rd CSI3* 2008 – Grand Prix 2008 Nörten-Hardenberg (GER) 1.50m sj.
5th CSI3* 2010 – Grand Prix 2010 Hagen (GER) 1.50m sj.
8th CSI3* 2011 – Grand Prix 2011 Hagen (GER) 1.50m sj.
8th CSI3* 2010 – Grand Prix 2010 Nörten-Hardenberg (GER) 1.50m sj.
9th CSI2* 2011 – Neustadt Dos.60m)se (GER) 1.50m sj.
3rd CSI2* 2011 – Grand Prix 2011 Redefin (GER) 1.45m sj.
3rd CSI5* 2008 – Lyon (FRA)1.45m sj.
3rd CSI2* 2008 – Neustadt Dosse (GER) 1.45m.

Female Line:

S-CORADA (TOUCHE D’ACHERONTE) has a maternal line of impressive prestige.
She produced:
1) ANOTHER QUESTION D’ACHERONTE by DIAMANT DE SEMILLE, 2010, 1.45m sj whit Frederic Berthelot (FRA)
2) AWESOME D’ACHERONTE by TOULON, 2012,1.35m sj with Luca Maria Moneta (ITA).

S-CORADA v. ACOBAT II , is full sister of CORRADINO 7 (Holst, gelding by Corrado I)1.45m sj with Pasquale Datena (ITA).
S-CORADA’s mother is LEA III.
LEA III produced:
1) The approved stallions LUXIUS v. LUX OLD, OS.
2) The approved stallion CALIBAT v. CALIDO I Holst.
3) B.Quentin (Holst, grey gelding by Quite Capitol) 1.40m sj with Christoffer Lindenberg (DNK)
4) Cariorca (Anca I) (Holst, bay mare by Canturo) 1.35m sj with with Cerrin Döhle (DEU)

LEA III is full sister of MALTA I by ACOBAT II, she produced:
1) The approved stallion Holst CLASSE by Chin Chin, approved for: Hann, Holst, OS.
2) COLIBRI 19 by CANTURO 1.60m sj with Nasser Al Ghazali (QAT) and Khalid Mohammed A S Al Emadi (QAT) 4th CSI2*-W 2018 Al Rayyan (QAT) (1.60m); 8th CSI2*-W 2018 Doha (QAT) (1.60m); 2nd CSI2*-W 2018 Doha (QAT) (1.40m); 1st CSIU25-A 2016 Barbizon (FRA) (1.35m).
LEA III is also full sister of NAVA II by ACOBAT II, she produced:
1) Quarius by QUEBEC 19, 1.60m sj with Roberto Cristofoletti (ITA) and Alessandro Orlandi (ITA) 2nd CSI3* 2013 Maastricht (NED) 1.40m sj ; 3rd CSI3* 2014 Arezzo (ITA) 1.40 m sj.
2) The stallion Holst QUITE CAPITANO by QUITE CAPITOL Approved for: BH, 1.40m sj with Daniel Cesar Maranhão Khury (BRA).
3) FIXDESIGN VOVESSTAR v. Quick Star) Level 1.50m with Susanna Violanti (ITA) and Bianca Gresele (ITA)

S-CORADA’s great grandmother is NOVELLA by FARNESE, she produced:
1) The approved stallion LANDADEL by LANDGRAF I, approved for: Hann, Holst, Old, Rhein.
2) The approved stallion Holst ACADIUS by ACORD II, approved for: Holst, SA, Brand, OS.
3) VALETTA VI, Holst, mare by MERANO, she produced:
CALVARO V Holst, by CANTUS 1.60m sj with Willi Melliger (CHE) 1st CSI-W 2001 – World Cup 2001 Bordeaux (FRA) 1.60m sj ; 2nd CSI-W 2001 – Grand Prix 2001 Paris – Bercy (FRA) 1.60m sj ; 2nd CSI-W 1999 – World Cup 1999 Paris – Bercy (FRA) 1.60m sj ; 2nd CSI-W 1997 – World Cup 1997 Berlin (GER) 1.60m sj ; 2nd 1996 Atlanta (USA) – individual 1996 Olympic Games (jumping) 1.60m sj ; 3rd CSI-W 2000 – World Cup 2000 London-Olympia (GBR) 1.60m sj ; 3rd CSI-W 1998 – World Cup 1998 Dortmund (GER) 1.60m sj ; 3rd 1997 – Mannheim (GER) – individual 1997 ECh (jumping) 1.60m sj ; 4th CSI-W 1998 – World Cup 1998 London-Olympia (GBR) 1.60m sj ; 4th CSI-W 1998 – World Cup 1998 Geneva (SUI) 1.60m sj ; 4th 1998 Rome (ITA) – individual 1998 WEG-S 1.60m sj ; 4th 1998 Rome.
NOVELLA is also great grandmother of:
1) SYLVER II v. ALMETOS LEO Z 1.60m sj 2006: 159e pl. wbfsh
2) UMBRA v. FOR PLEASURE 1.55m sj.
3) Quintos 13 ( Holst, 2008, bay stallion by Quidam de Revel 1.55m sj.

LANDADEL v. LANGRAF I produced many approved stallions and International show jumpers 1.60m sj.

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