Anusorn Soisa-ngim (Aam) was born on May 23, 1989. He is a Thai Filmmaker and Director. Anusorn Soisa-ngim is one of the Thai film industry’s that successful independent filmmakers, with praise for his directing and writing talent. He is one of the fighters for the independent film industry and most of his film is based on the experience that he has. What makes his film interesting is also the new fresh storyline that he writes. He established COMMETIVE PRODUCTION CO.,LTD; he was in his second year at the University.

Soisa-ngim studied at Bangkok University where he received a bachelor’s degree in Film and Performing Arts. In 2012 his first short film got selected in many International short film festivals around the world.

Soisa-ngim is the first Thai filmmaker to get funded by the government of Hokkaido, Japan for his film ”Present Perfect แค่นี้ก็ดีแล้ว”(2017) It was modified and adapted from his old short film in 2012. The film got a 1 of 7 Best Film Awards at the LGBTQ Amsterdam Film Festival in the Netherlands, Present Perfect also won as ‘Best film’ on First time filmmaking session 2020 and he also made a film documentary. His work was awarded the funding of Busan film commission, South Korea for the movie ”Why Am I Left Behind” (2014) that was filmed in China. His short films ”Present Perfect”(2012) and ”There Is No Space For Me”(2015) also have been widely recognized in the leading short film festivals all around the globe. In 2019, Soisa-ngim releases “Bangkok Dark Tales”, a horror slasher that he directed and produced has been screened in Thailand and Southeast Asia countries on May 23rd and September 26 in Singapore. Soisa-ngim is also known for his work on television with ”2mooms2 the Series” based on the bestselling book ”2moons”. The TV SHOW became an instant heat worldwide with more than 100 million views and was ranked No.2 most-watched TV series in 2019.

And his latest film ”Present Still Perfect” in 2020. He is proving to his fans and the film industry that he can bring fresh new ideas to the Thai film industry, ”Present Still Perfect” in 2020. The film is the sequel from 2017, ”Present Perfect Film’. The film has been recognized by many International Film Festivals such as the ‘Rosze Filmdagen Amsterdam’ film festival in the Netherlands and ’ boyohboy Films marathon 2020’ in France. the film was scheduled to be released on March 12, in Both SF and Major Cineplex cinema theaters in Thailand, but the coronavirus has taken a heavy toll on the Thai cinema. Therefore, the showing of “Present still perfect” shows moved to the online platform such as Vimeo, GaGaolala, DVD order.

“Present Still Perfect” became no.1 most-watched film in Gagaoolala for 5 weeks, which is hold no.1 the longest film that of all time. the film also became no.1 in many countries such as the USA, Germany and all Southeast Asia countries.

Soisa-ngim never stops pushing the limits on filmmaking and having faith in what was possible in order to wow the audiences, and for his next project “Call It What You Want” Coming Soon, he will push the boundaries on the BL chat“>love story that will move the audiences again as always.

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