English online tutor

English online tutor

An aspiring Bachelor in the Business and Technology of Fashion from the New York City College of Technology – Musarat Merchant is currently a senior in college who aims to best use her knowledge in the field of teaching language. Born in Dubai, raised in Mumbai, and now living in New York City has transformed her into the person she is today. Growing up she has been exposed to completely different cultures which sowed the seed of interest for learning new languages and understanding different cultures in her.

She is a humble woman with a mission to help people learn the English language particularly as she has seen her own immigrant father having a tough time in the United States finding jobs as most jobs require the basic English language skill.

Merchant values education, hustle, teamwork, creativity, meticulosity, integrity, inclusivity, decency, and most importantly a good character! She understands that learning a new language is not an easy task, but she believes that with hard work and true determination, even the impossible is achievable!

Her method:
She will work like a friend with you, so you can be comfortable to converse with her and soon will be able to learn new words, proper grammar, and accomplish your language learning goals!


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