Demoreel 2019 – Esther Rosenzweig

Demoreel Breakdown

The Lair

For this project I used existing assets and created an appealing layout that tells a story. I then created textures and shaders for the objects, lit the scene, optimized the render, and comped all elements into the sequence. I added a couple of elements in comp such as particles and flames flickering to make the shot more alive.

Cassette Tape

The goal for this project was to recreate the picture in 3D. After concepting a few ideas. I was in charge all aspects: modelling, texturing, layout, lighting, rendering, and compositing.

Kino Ratten

Was the first live action short film I got the opportunity to work on as a 3D Generalist. We worked under an experienced Director and Producer and went through dailies and feedback sessions as one would in the industry.

For this project I was in charge of environment modelling, layout, texturing/surfacing, lighting, and rendering.

For lighting, one of the challenges was to match the lighting in two different render engines and learn in a limited amount of time.

Ed Sheeran in Hobbiton

This project was created for a competition to participate for tickets for an Ed Sheeran concert held by Auckland Live. Along with my friend and classmate Mirela Salge, we came up with a concept of Ed Sheeran sitting on a log outside of a hobbit hole playing his guitar. This project was completed in a week’s time.

I was in charge of modelling most of the hard surface objects including the house, the miscellaneous items outside the house, and the grass. I surfaced these objects and we were both in charge of lighting the scene. I got to experiment with XGen, which was very fun and interesting.


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