Christoph Irniger Pilgrim “Improvisation in C Major” – Video by Kohei Yamaguchi


This piece is a free improvisation in proper C Major. Although there is no guideline then embracing harmony, the band commits to a common idea from the first note to the last and develops a very nice and gentle song. Peter Margasak writes in the liner notes of the recording: “It has a rich contemporary sound, gorgeously considered, but luxuriantly open with an elasticity that reflects a life of freedom.” The piece happened to be a very relaxing interlude which works also as classical music, soundtrack or film score.

Music by Christoph Irniger Pilgrim
Video by Kohei Yamaguchi

“Crosswinds” is available on CD / Download / Streaming here:

Release: January 2019 on Intakt Records


Thanks to:

Ren Sasaki, Professional Boxer
All Japan FeatherWeight Rookie of the year 2017

Yeung Tung
Hong Kong-based Electronica Singer – Producer

Christoph Irniger Pilgrim are:
Christoph Irniger: Tenor Saxophone
Stefan Aeby: Piano
Dave Gisler: Guitar
Raffaele Bossard: Double Bass
Michael Stulz: Drums

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