Chinese Painting: Bird – Master Law | CCC Connect

Peter Law, born in 1952 in Guangzhou, China, is a versatile professional artist whose artistic practice extends to Chinese painting, oil painting, watercolor and seal-making. He immigrated to Canada as a designer and artist.

For over two decades, Peter Law has tirelessly promoted the great traditions of Chinese painting in Canada as well as in China. Although he has already received many awards and recognitions, he is still unsatisfied with his achievements in the past. Deeply fascinated by the landscapes of North America, he always seeks to explore the potentials of modern landscape paintings executed with traditional Chinese brushes, ink and pigments. In order to achieve his ideal artistic standards, he has visited the Rocky Mountains ten times to sketch, to take photo shots and to simply enjoy the atmosphere there. Peter Law has held several solo Chinese painting exhibitions in Canada, China, Japan and Hong Kong. He was awarded “The Price of Best Originality” at the International Arts Expo in Beijing in 2009 and “The Price of Cult.”


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