First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2021

Director: Silkesha Kadam
Writer: Silkesha Kadam
Producer: Silkesha Kadam

Country of Origin: India

Abu, a 5-year old boy who lives in the slums of Mumbai, stumbles upon a pamphlet that features the image of a delicious burger. Tempted to have it, Abu approaches his mother and sister. Unable to afford the heavy price, the mother hesitantly tries convincing Abu about how it could negatively impact his health. The sister mocks him and folds the pamphlet into a rocket dismissing it.

Abu realizes that the best way to get a burger is to make one by himself. He breaks the Gullak (piggybank), fills his pockets with a few coins and sets out to procure all the necessary ingredients. Abu takes his first stop at a roadside vegetable seller and the second stop at a local Kirana store. Struggling with a heavy backpack filled with all the items, the shopkeeper offers him a ride back home. Abu takes one last stop at a stall selling Vada. Upon arriving back home, Abu thanks the shopkeeper with 1 of the 2 Vadas that he picked up on the way.

The real struggle of putting things together now begins. Not allowed to use a knife, Abu picks up his scissors, takes a hard look at the pamphlet and assembles a perfect-looking burger messing up the entire place. Assuming the tiny white dots on the bun to be sugar crystals, Abu adds the final touches.

A proud satisfied little Abu wears his favorite Dabbang star’s sunglasses, bites into his creation and is chilling like a boss on his rocking chair.

Short, Student – Fiction, Drama, Kids


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