Alumni Remarks by Tina Tran Neville, Co-Founder & CEO of Lana Learn | Newchip Accelerator Graduation

Alumni Remarks by Tina Tran Neville, Co-Founder & CEO of Lana Learn (NC06-19)

Newchip Accelerator Graduation – July 2020
The Newchip Accelerator is pleased to celebrate and graduate 100 global companies from its Pre-Seed and Seed & Series A Accelerator programs.

About Lana Learn:
Lana Learn is a premier global online training platform that advances English language and workplace skills. Powered by data-driven technology, we prepare teams to engage cross-culturally in the future of work. Our certified instructors are all from the United States, have real goal-setting coaching experience, and are experts in specialized English engineering and workplace skills. We offer over 100 customizable courses to advance change management, up-skilling, corporate English training, and cross-cultural engagement. Our technology platform offers real-time progress assessments and an innovative video-conferencing platform with text translation, and a digital whiteboard. Founded by a Yale University graduate and former U.S. diplomat, Lana Learn launched in January 2019 with domain expertise in education, global markets, and technology. The founders’ first company, Transcend Academy, is a premium college preparation service that has served over 20,000 students in the Washington DC-Maryland-Virginia region and won Washington DC’s 2018 Best Education Service award. While expanding Transcend Academy internationally, the founders discovered an enormous demand for online English and workplace skills training. They are using their proven business track record, sectoral expertise, and international network to build Lana Learn into the world’s most effective online learning company.

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About Newchip Accelerator:
Our mission at Newchip is to make the knowledge, network, and the communities that develop around strong accelerator programs available to everyone regardless of stage and location in the world. That is why our accelerator programs, including content and interactions, are 100% online. Specifically, what we do in our Accelerator programs is we take on a new cohort every month, comprising an average of 45 startups, and over the span of six months, we provide them in-depth guidance through Mastermind groups, 1-1 mentor sessions, live classes, and workshops, as well as bespoke investor outreach campaigns focused on the specific industries and markets which our companies seek to disrupt. To date, we’ve helped over 600 startups across a diversity of industries and verticals, all the way from medical technology to clean energy, to online tutoring, organic gummy candies, artificial intelligence, and even flying cars! It goes without saying that the diversity of startups that come onboard the Newchip platform is one of our biggest strengths because it is through this same diversity in ideas and imagination that we will innovate big. Newchip is adamant about lowering the barriers of entry for startups to raise capital by sharing the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to get ahead in the startup game. We understand the challenges, risks, and pitfalls that startup founders face on the long journey that is entrepreneurship.

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