1989 NIssan Pao

Just driving a Nissan Pao brightens up your day! The retro-themed interior and exterior styling were underpinned by modern mechanicals shared with several other of Nissan’s “Pike” platform small cars. Finished in (EJ1)Ivory, this 1989 convertible is available with a mere 71k original miles and is in good shape other than some minor dings and scuffs associated with normal use. Offering a buttery smooth ride, power-retractable Bordeaux-colored soft top, and a slate of recent maintenance items, this turn-key Japanese classic would make a great beachcomber, weekend ride, or daily driver. 
The charming interior is clean and spacious. The headroom is incredible, and four occupants can comfortably side in this hatchback, with room for some cargo as well. The most distinctive interior feature is the custom leather seat covers. An expensive item in Japan, they look great and protect the upholstery underneath. The dash is color-matched to the exterior and in good nick. The black carpet adds some contrast, and like the door cards and headliner are in fine shape. Even the factory mats are included in the sale and should protect your investment for years to come. Manual windows are one less thing to break, and but if more ventilation is required, the massive cloth top peels back to reveal a view of the heavens. If that’s not your thing, OEM rainguards to decrease interior noise with the windows down and the interior fan does function for an additional breeze. We did want to note that all the a/c components are there, however, the system no longer blows cold. The rear seats do fold down if additional cargo space is required, and for smaller items, there is room in the glovebox, seatbacks, and door panels if need be. The audio system does work for those who want some tunes, and the sound quality isn’t half bad!

The bones of the Pao were shared with its platform mates, the Be-1, S-Cargo, and Figaro. This reduces parts costs and makes ownership much easier compared to less mass-produced models. Under the hood is Nissan MA10S four-cylinder. While it doesn’t churn out power like a small block, the relatively light curb weight allows for adequate acceleration, and the automatic transmission is geared for city and highway use. The 987cc mill benefits from a fresh oil and filter service and starts up with a twist of the key. The engine idles smoothly and when prompted send all 52hp to the front wheels. The engine sits atop the drivewheels so these can be driven in less than ideal road conditions without having to worry about the car getting away from you. The handling admittedly feels like a couch on wheels, but so she keeps driving right,  one of our technicians has replaced the outer axle boots on both sides. Also, we have mounted four brand new all-season tires at all four corners to ensure maximum traction on wet or dry pavement for miles to come. 


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