देखो मगर प्यार से

They say Love is blind, but a few people in this world believe that love has given them eyes and a completely new perspective on life. Away from all the worldly notions of love, yet so close to the emotion are Uma(31), from Darjeeling and Nishikant(30), from Nagpur. Uma said ‘no’ when Nishikant proposed her on Valentine’s day last year. She soon changed when she felt that he really liked her. The couple to be married in June this year is quite excited about sharing their lives with each other. Nishikant likes to make Uma laugh while Uma loves to call him immature. Uma likes Nishikant’s innocence the most and plans to teach him English after marriage. On the other hand Nishikant likes her smile the most and wants to take her to Shimla for their honeymoon. Nishikant is partially blind and Uma is blind. They want to get married in a church.

Uma and Nishikant are one of the couples benefitted by Happily Ever After, an initiative by Mr. Manoj Nair. Manoj along with Kanchan, helps people with disabilities find a perfect match for themselves, Kanchan even gets people to fund their weddings. An excited Manoj recollects the day he first discussed this idea with his friends and since then he’s been kicked about it. Manoj fondly remembers the 1st couple, married on 26th of December 2013, Sambhaji & Bhagyashree. A blind couple who were working at a massage parlour in bandra before marriage but now have moved to nallasopara to live together. Bhagyashree has changed her job as they couldn’t take an off from work together.

Sambhaji continues to work in Bandra as he gets more money there; he’s an expert when it comes to the routes in Mumbai as he travels all over the city for home services. Bhagyashree is having a little trouble in handling the responsibilities of home as she lived in a hostel before marriage; However, she likes to cook chicken for her guests, “everyone likes my cooking” she says gleaming in happiness. Bhagyashree feels that marriage is the best thing that has happened to her and Sambhaji takes excellent care of her, she feels loved. Sambhaji gets sweets for bhagyashree every now and then as bhagyashree and himself are fond of sweets. Sambhaji likes to take bhagyashree to Gorai beach on the day he gets his salary while bhagyashree likes to cook something special for Sambhaji when she gets her salary. They are very happy to be together.

Manoj is amazed at the change he’s undergone on a personal level over the past 3 years while working on this project. He feels obliged to be able to do something like this. Manoj; also hopes to find the right girl for himself someday.


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